Beauty Treatment. All in a Night’s Work

April 23, 2008 • Beauty


Natayle Henry for Second City Style Magazine

You take care of your skin. You wash your face twice a day, never
sleep with last night’s makeup on, take your vitamins, drink plenty of
water, get a good night’s sleep, and use spf during the day. You’ve got
all your bases covered, or do you? Could there possibly be anything
else you’re missing? Of course there is — night moisturizer. It can
seem like a minute detail, but it will make a world of difference in
the way your skin looks and feels. While sleeping, your skin’s cells
are at it’s highest metabolic activity rate. During this time, your
skin is working to repair and renew itself. Adding a night moisturizer
to your nightly skincare regime can aid in slowing the effects of
aging, diminishing discolorations and boosting the skin’s nighttime
repairing process.

1. Biotherm Rides Repair Night $44
The 1st pure Silicium wrinkle repairing care which provides both instant and long lasting results.

2. L’Bel Résurgie Nuit $44
Nighttime formula with proven effectiveness that helps to renew the
skin´s first layer, revealing younger skin without imperfections.

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