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April 24, 2008 • Fashion


Working the Suit into the Summer Season

Dear Bean:

Spring and summer have always been big issues for me with work. I
primarily wear suits, and the jackets make me feel so warm that I end
up perspiring fifteen minutes into a presentation. It’s so humiliating!
Is there another outfit option for me that is just as professional as a
suit, but won’t make me feel like I’m having a constant hot flash?


Dear Overheated:

There is nothing worse than walking out the door feeling put
together and ready to WOW the breakfast meeting, and then showing up in
desperate need of blotting paper. Summer is a wonderful season, but it
can have some negative side-effects during the 9-5 outfit scenario.

However, if you peruse the magazine ads, you will notice many slacks
that would look lovely with a tailored single-button blazer, are now being paired with a streamlined suit vest. This is your ideal opportunity to take advantage of the current trend, and work with a little more air flow.

The vest for women has been associated with the terms “preppy” and
“sweater” for years. Yet it has been a suit staple for men for just as
long. It’s exciting to now see that fashion gender gap narrowing in. The vest also provides the ideal layering piece for the current ‘tween season. You can pair not only the blouse with the vest, but also the dress, t-shirt, or even the turtleneck.

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