Idol Style. The Stylists Finally Got It Right?

April 24, 2008 • Celebrity Style

So the stylists on American Idol do not often make choices I support. From the awful debacle that was Sanjaya’s mohawk, to gray-haired Taylor Hicks in a purple velvet blazer, there are just more misses than hits, style-wise, once the singing contestants stop styling themselves. This season, it looked like poor Carly Smithson was going to get the same treatment. But on this week’s show, she commented that she "had a great dress" for her performance of "Jesus Christ Superstar." Well, the performance was rocking, and shockingly, so was the dress! All season they have made the tattooed Irish lass look dowdy and diva-esque, but whoever chose her clothes on Tuesday really captured her persona. Here’s the look:

Carly Smithson singing "Jesus Christ Superstar"

I don’t love the boots (there’s a little too much pirate to them), but bravo to whoever was brave enough to mix navy and black. As we’ve mentioned before on SCS, we like that mentality. The stunner is the paisley dress, which I found out was a Phillip Lim shift.


3.1 Phillip Lim Paisley Shift Dress, $695

Though maybe it’s a look that can only be pulled off by a rocker, I thought the well-chosen outfit for Carly deserved some praise. The American Idol stylists just achieved a higher level of hip than ever! Sadly, even with the confidence that outfit gave her, the Irish singer went home last night. I hope she got to keep the dress!

– Hayley Wells

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