Celebrity Style. Celeb Looks Still Winning Us Over After 40.

April 29, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Sure, we’re used to coveting the clothes on twentysomethings like Lindsay Lohan,  Mischa Barton, and Camilla Belle, but what about those older, more sophisticated ladies—the ones that look so utterly cool in simple pieces without trying, though they do take a fashion risk here and there.

We’re talking about the crowd that trades comfort for style, but still manages to turn it up a notch when it counts without going over the top. These are the women who know how to dress for their figures, who manage to layer the right pieces in just the right way and slip their goddess-like figures into the slinkiest dresses without looking too wrinkly, wiry or warped.

No, we’re not talking about Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani here. Fashion divas like those two are, oh, merely 34 and 38 years old. Cate Blanchett? 38. Gwyneth Paltrow? 35. Catherine Zeta-Jones? Also 38.

We’re not talking about them. We’re talking about style mavens over 40—the ones that manage to make us so jealous the way they can pull together the right pieces for their age—without ugly colors or clothes that cling. Their simplistic but sophisticated style is what surely what we crave at any age.

Here they are: Ten of the brightest beauties over 40 of style, screen, and stardom.

Sarah Jessica Parker


Oh, come on, this was a given. How can any list not include the iconic Carrie Bradshaw. At 43 years old, SJP is still going strong and continues to wow us with her pizazz. What other style star looks so good in hot pink and spandex leggings!


Halle Berry


The only pregnant powerhouse on the list, Halle Berry effortlessly glided into the stylish role of fashion savvy mom-to-be. Jennifer Lopez never looked this good! Having a baby in the forties is hard enough, but she does it with panache.


Helen Mirren


Here’s one you may not have thought of. Helen Mirren, 62, the oldest superstar fashionista on our list, looks smashing at every event she attends. We love that she likes to change it up a bit, going from sequined sophisticate in one shiny outfit to elegant glam in another. She was especially beautiful at the Oscars.

Cindy Crawford


Once a model, always a model. Once a fashionista, always a fashionista. Oh and 42-year old Cindy proves she still has what it takes to wear the clothes—after 2 kids! Doesn’t she look uber-stylish in this jade green halter top number?

Donna Karan


Last year, on a long vacation to Israel, I met Donna Karan in person at an event for a local Tel Aviv fashion school. Looking ever so stylish, she had draped on one of her modest camouflage wraps with a pair of leggings. Being the top fashion stylist for modern woman, Donna’s got to know how to dress and she does it with a simple funk that’s trendy, chic, and age appropriate.



Though she might be remembered for those atrocious Jean Paul Gaultier cone bras she wore during 1990 Blond Ambition Tour and the luminous bridal gown during Like A Virgin, Madonna’s still as beautiful and style-savvy as ever, pairing Gucci print dresses with black stockings and Juicy Couture sweatsuits with afternoon runs.

Nicole Kidman


How could our list not include this 40-year old fashion sensation who makes it a habit of looking spectacular at every Oscars show she attends. Sure, she’s calm down a bit with new husband Keith Urban and a baby on the way, but Nicole Kidman always looks top notch and we can’t wait to see what fashion risk she’ll take next.

Sharon Stone


Could Sharon Stone be the best TK-age we’ve ever seen? She’s certainly one of the best dressed, never one to shy away from donning clothing for age, she pairs black and white print tops with crisp black trousers and smart white business suits that make a point without trying to capture the youth of a teenager.


Anna Wintour and Carin Roitfeld


How could any top fashion list not include these two? They’re rumored to be frenemies but we’re not here to talk about the gossip lurking around Vogue magazine fashion divas Anna Wintour and Carin Roitfeld. These two have a major eye for style—on the page and in their own wardrobe, showing up at every fashion show dressed to the nines in furs, silks, and chic, but modest looks. We’d love to sneak a peek at their closet any day.

– Simona Kogan

Photos: Wireimage, People

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