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April 30, 2008 • Celebrity Style

The Hills’ Heidi Montag has come into her own in the past few years despite being noted first as LC’s sidekick and then her enemy. Nowhere was this more evident then in this patriotic photo where she’s kissing on-again, off-again boytoy Spencer Pratt, looking uber-sophisticated, and wearing a new trend–high waist shorts!


This made us over at SCS wonder…how come more celebs haven’t gone the high-waist route? If anyone can pull it off, surely they can! Unfortunately we’ve only seen a few high-waisters and they haven’t been quite so glamorous. 


Jennifer Lopez: We’re not liking J.Lo’s look. How are we even supposed to know these are high-waist pants if they’re covered by the vest?


Jessica Simpson: Super wide-legs, big no no! We applaud her for trying but she’s way too covered up at the top and the pants just don’t fit her curvy (and even curvier at the time) frame. 


Fergie: High-waist denim overalls? Seriously, Fergie, what were you thinking?!

If you think you can pull off the high-waist trend, tread carefully. They’re not for everyone.  They’re waist defining and you won’t worry about them falling too low around the hips.  But they do make hips look wider and they’re better for tall women with flat stomachs and long torsos. Tuck yourself in, wear them with a fitted top, and please don’t pull a Jessica Simpson!
Grey Ant is the best for this look and the jeans are on sale at Shopbop! Hurry up and grab them!
-Simona Kogan


Photos: Popsugar.com, People, Hautegossip.blogspot.com, Batchplease.com
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