Fashion News. Heatherette No More?

April 30, 2008 • Fashion


The flashiest, sparkliest, drag-iest design duo in fashion seems to be facing hard times, according to this post on the New York Magazine blog. It appears that the men of Heatherette, Richie Rich and Traver Rains, may be going their separate ways and leaving their line behind them. After their Fashion Week debacle, where they lost funding and had to cancel their show, rumors surfaced a feud between the two and an imminent split. What awaits them, if they go solo? For Rich, another clothing line named Rox and Riley, a book on club kids, and the usual, vague TV and music projects. For Rains? Coming out of this feud as the blameless, sane one!

Source: NY Magazine Blog

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    I followed your blog for a while. My interest in fashion is not practical :), I just love your style and perspective. I suggested it for yesterday, check it out.

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