Victoria’s Secret. MORE Legal Trouble?

April 30, 2008 • Fashion


Victoria’s Secret
, who was recently sued over a bra patent, seems to be in more trouble, this time with another uber-brand- Juicy Couture. The division of Liz Claiborne, Inc. sued in Manhattan courts yesterday, alleging that the Victoria’s Secret Pink line is using icons and
slogans similar to those used in the Juicy line of clothing, underwear,
sleepwear, and bathing suits. VS has had other Pink problems, too. They’ve sued Macy’s over its Pinkish line, and been sued by Phat Fashions LLC for similar reasons. The main problem for Juicy is the VS Pink line’s packaging: "Juicy Couture has established a strong brand image built upon
many visual elements, including original and innovative packaging designs. These
and other brand elements create the unique consumer experience that allows Juicy
to stand apart from its competitors in the fashion markets in which it competes." To stand out in the fashion business is hard- we’d defend our brand, too!


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