Target’s New Eco-Apparel Line to Debut at Barneys

May 2, 2008 • Shopping

The last thing I would personally buy at Barney’s is Target apparel. I mean I would go to Target for that. However, in a rather bizarre marketing gambit, Target Corp. is introducing its first line of eco-friendly apparel — but putting it on sale first at luxury retailer Barneys New York. Crazy right?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Minneapolis-based retailer commissioned 60 exclusive pieces from Rogan Gregory, a designer at the forefront of the eco-fashion movement. Gregory uses 100% certified organic cotton and other natural fibers, such as silk and linen, in his collections that are typically sold at Barneys and Bloomingdale’s.

Now he’s contributing to Target’s Go International program, which features a line of moderately priced apparel from cutting-edge designers that appear in stores only about six weeks at a time.

Gregory’s Target collection will debut at Barneys New York May 9-May 11, then from May 16-May 18 it will move to the Barneys location in Los Angeles, after which the clothes will begin appearing at Target stores.

I think I’ll wait for Target, thank you.

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Source & Photo: WSJ

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