WTF Was She Thinking?! Bad Celeb Style at Tribeca.

May 2, 2008 • Celebrity Style

The Tribeca Film Festival brings out indie stars and wannabes alike, making liberated fashion choices that frankly frighten us at SCS.


Rumer Willis at the Tribeca Film Festival, From Within Premiere

Comment: Fake hair is just never a good basis for an outfit. When the idea is, ‘this gown will look great with my weave’–take a step back and reevaluate your priorities. This white dress makes her look like she’s graduating from an all girls’ prep school, not attending a premiere event in NYC. At least the guy on the bike behind her seems to be liking it though…

She’s thinking: Do these extensions make me look like a young version of my sexy mom while hiding my dad’s enormous chin? Yeah? Then, who cares what boring dress I’m wearing!!


‘Models’ Amanda and Michelle Babin at The Tribeca Film Festival, From Within Premiere

Comment: Okay girls, we know you are twins, but let’s not dress like it’s a naughty-and-nice theme party. Didn’t you learn anything about dressing and posing to hide your awkward, lanky frames on America’s Next Top Model? The Grecian-gone-wrong frock on Twin 1 swamps the poor girl and does nothing for her figure, while Twin 2 is better but boring in head-to-toe matte black.

They’re thinking: Tyra said we were models so it must be true, right?!

Actress/Musician Jayne County at the Tribeca Film Festival, SqueezeBox! Premiere

Comment: We don’t know who you are or why you were at this premiere, but we just love that you matched your lipstick to your exposed bra. Since Victoria’s Secret already has a bunch of legal issues, we’re gonna go ahead and sue them, too, for selling this brassiere and control-top panty combo to you.

She’s thinking:
This kung-fu pose is really going to highlight how my bangles match my bra! I’m soooo rock’n’roll!

Actress Joey Lauren Adams at the Tribeca Trucker Premiere

Whoa, girl. You look like that embarrassing hippie-dippy mom that drove carpool once a week when we were in junior high. The pleated wide-leg trouser is something that should only be worn by models who are approximately 8 feet tall, and never in khaki. Is that scarf a souvenir from your trip to Bhutan? Great, keep it at home, with your scrapbook and travel journal.

She’s thinking:
Remember when I wore this same outfit in Dazed and Confused? I’m still cute, right?


Alice Kremelberg at the Tribeca Baby Mama Premiere

Comment: We knew there’d be some funny outfits at this comedy’s premiere, but this was more than we bargained for. Just because you are going to a movie called Baby Mama doesn’t mean that you can channel Jamie Lynn Spears as your outfit’s inspiration. Denim cut off skirt, with faux-laced cami, and folded down cowboy boots? If this is a Jamie Lynn joke, it’s a hilarious one, but we’re afraid it’s not.

She’s thinking:
This outfit could probably get me Knocked Up! I could be the next Juno!

– Hayley Wells


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