More Celebrity Designers. Perez, You Too?

May 8, 2008 • Celebrity Style


Perez Hilton
knocks as many bad celebrity designers as we do, but now… he’s joining their ranks? Oh, no. The mud-slinging celebrity blogger has made fun of Lauren Conrad‘s overpriced duds, so maybe he’ll keep his pieces appropriately priced. He’s teased Heidi Montag about her hooker-wear, so hopefully he won’t design sexy clothes for juniors. He’s mocked Avril Lavigne for sticking her name on ugly pink-and-black skull-adorned sweatshirts that she clearly had no part in designing… so will he use his own hand in his line’s designs? And if he does, what will be produced? Graphic hoodies and cargo shorts for the portly gentleman? We’re dying to see. According to, Perez says that because he covers fashion
disasters on his website, he has "a good eye for what’s hot and
what’s not"
and that he’s trying to expand the "Perez Brand." We have very, very, very mixed feelings. Maybe he should just hawk hair-dye instead.


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