WTF Was She Thinking?! The Week in Bad Celeb Style.

May 9, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Somebody screws it up every week… and we love it.


Kendra Wilkinson at the Crown Royal Playboy Lounge at the Kentucky Derby

Comment: We love team spirit. We just don’t love THAT team’s spirit with THAT metallic dress. Hef’s girlfriend can wear this bag to the game, but not because she couldn’t make it to the game!

She Was Thinking:
Maybe if I was a Laker Girl, I wouldn’t have to share my boyfriend with two other bunnies?

Kathryn Joosten at the 134th Kentucky Derby

Those hose with the open-toed shoes are bad… The hat is not so good… But what really got this outfit into the worst of the week is the pose. Is it just us, or does it look like she’s already taken a horse for a few laps? Close those legs, lady.

She Was Thinking:
…Giddy up?


Lee Ann Womack at the 134th Kentucky Derby

Comment: We get that the Derby is about pageantry and frivolity, a little costumery, and big hats. But this looks like one of Britney’s fedoras, with a few of Carrie Bradshaw’s giant flowers stuck to it, topped off by some Bob Mackie thing Cher would wear to the Oscars. Every theme has its limits.

She Was Thinking: The bigger the better! (…She thought wrong.)


Joy Bryant at the Costume Institute Gala

Comment: This is another example of taking liberties too far. The Met Gala is about being over the top, but this all-over print is literally all over her… her legs, hers arms, and hands? Do we see thumb holes? We’re surprised she didn’t come with a hood and mask, too (it was Superhero themed, after all). The turtle neck extends the busy-ness even more, and makes her swanlike neck look a bit creepy. Was she trying to hide a hickey?

She Was Thinking: I just burned myself with the curling iron, I swear!

Rachel Zoe at the 2nd Annual Allure "Most Alluring Bodies" Exhibit

Comment: Rachel Zoe? Most alluring bodies? Was she the only person available? She didn’t even do herself justice with this outfit. We’re so tired of Zoe’s personal style and how she vomits it all over Hollywood’s starlets.

She Was Thinking: All that not-eating finally paid off! This grimace IS alluring, isn’t it!


Sia at the Coachella Music Festival

Why do musicians feel the need to break the rules of style with something so fugly? We have no problem with rockers going against the grain of fashion, but can’t they at least make their odd combos somewhat aesthetically pleasing? This pixiedust and cotton candy blueberry shortcake tutu assaults our eyes.

She Was Thinking:
Sequins! I’m a rebel! Because David Bowie didn’t do this better 25 years ago!

That was just plain cathartic. We can’t wait until next week.

– Hayley Wells


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    Cotton candy blueberry shortcake tutu! rock on, sister. You funny.

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