Political Nuptials. Jenna Bush in Oscar de la Renta

May 12, 2008 • Celebrity Style


Clearly, there has been a lot of talk about Jenna Bush’s recent wedding in Crawford, Texas to Henry Hager, and more specifically, to what she was wearing. Though it has been getting a lot of hate from bloggers the web over, I’m going to defend the Oscar de la Renta gown Jenna chose. I like it because, 1) it’s not your totally trendy celebrity wedding gown— strapless, satin, and A-line. Those gowns are going to look dated when you look back at the photos in 20 years; this one might be less placeable, I think. No one is going to look at it and go, "Well she obviously got married in the early 2000s." 2) It’s appropriately modest. For all of the flack Jenna has gotten for past behavior, she looks young, pretty, and well covered here. I would even say, classy. 3) Most importantly, she looks comfortable and natural in the dress, which is sometimes hard to do in designer wear. She is wearing the dress, it isn’t wearing her. She looks happy. Isn’t that what weddings are all about, after all?

And hey, George and Laura look nice, too. Jury’s still out on Barbara.

But that is going to make a fine holiday card this year.

-Hayley Wells

Photos: NYPost, AP, Reuters

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