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May 13, 2008 • Fashion


Initially I thought Barneys and Target made strange bedfellows. Why in the world was Barneys planning to promote and sell Rogan for Target? (In case you didn’t know, Barney’s had an exclusive pre-sale from May 8-11. The line will be available at Target May 18.) But there is something to be said about carrying your Target loot around in a Barney’s bag. When was the last time anyone wrapped your purchases in tissue at Target I ask? Also, have you ever spent $100 at Barneys and walked out with a bag of clothes? Organic cotton clothes yet.

Truth be told I have not been impressed with many of the Target Go International lines except for Proenza Schouler (where I bought a black dress I wore last week), Libertine (I still get compliments on my whale and skull Bermuda shorts) and Patrick Robinson (I adore my two tanks). I also dig some of the Subversive jewelry line, but have to draw the line at pleather shoes and handbags (Loeffler Randal). I just can’t go there.

However, I really liked a lot of what I saw of the Rogan line at Barneys , and apparently so did many other women. I had about an hour between appointments near Barneys last Friday. By the time I got there the collection was picked over and about a dozen women were milling around with armloads of clothes. Many of the sizes were gone. Oddly, only one of the pieces I bought is pictured here (the sweater in the second picture). I bought a black tank and a stripped wrap dress. Totally adorable.


This dress was gone in 60 seconds!


I bought this sweater in light blue.







Now I get it! For Target, the relationship brings: cache, exposure to more affluent shopper, people like me telling the masses the line rocks. For Barneys, the relationship brings: support to a designer already in the store, the cash register ringing in these trying times.

Shop the line at Target. Seriously. It’s pretty good.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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