Style Sleuth. From Mini to Midi: Flooring the Hemline

May 13, 2008 • Fashion


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

I recently acquired a sleeveless Marc Jacobs silk dress, which is
now my most prized possession for the spring season. However, I was a
little nervous about its acceptance into the current fashion world
being the fact it dons the label of “midi”—aka below the knee. Would my Marc Jacobs be dissed due to its extended hemline?

Upon donning the new garb to its very first fashion show, instead of
being ridiculed out of bottle service, it was given an applauding
toast! I was so excited to feel so feminine and put-together in my new
outfit, and also to feel so comfortable! I own my minis like every other female, but there are times I’m more concerned with how I’m positioned more so than events around me. This shift in a dress was a very welcome shift in my wardrobe.

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