New Beyonce Line. House of Dereon Gussies Up Children.

May 15, 2008 • Fashion

All over the blogosphere, people are up in arms about the new ads for Beyonce’s line of clothes for girls. The ads, in what is supposed to be an editorial way (???), make the little girls look much more mature than any 3 to 8 year old should ever look.

Little girls in high heels and makeup are only cute if they look like they got into Mommy’s closet, not if they look like they are about to go out to Les Deux. We feel like Beyonce may be channeling her inner stage-mom… there is definitely a level of JonBenet Ramsey in these pictures. Is Jay-Z totally frightened for his future children? We are, and we have to agree with the up-in-arms folks– these looks for children are totally inappropriate. As Michelle Malkin at the NY Post puts it, the "girls’ clothing line makes Miley’s bare-backed glam session look like a Shirley Temple photo shoot." That, and the clothes are just ugly. All there is to say is, what were Beyonce and her mother thinking?!

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