Crimes of Fashion. Stealing From Marc Jacobs Doesn’t Pay

May 16, 2008 • Fashion


OK, maybe crime does pay, but only in the short-run. I read about this yesterday, but totally forgot about it.

A manager at a Marc Jacobs store in the West Village was arrested Monday for stealing $62,000 from the boutique, and admits he had "been doing it for a while." Kyle Avila, 25, worked at the Marc by Marc Accessories store at 385 Bleecker St. for the past 11/2 years. He was released on bail Wednesday and has been charged with one count of grand larceny in the second degree.

Fellow store manager Mike Okerson noticed the missing cash while doing a routine review of receipts from May 1 to 6 indicated that the deposits were short $67,977.60
Okerson called the corporate offices and informed higher-ups about the theft. He then gave Avila until Sunday to return the cash. Guess what? Avila didn’t show (surprise) so his colleague called the cops.

Probers are investigating how Avila spent the money, the DA’s office said. Our guess is on a lot of clothes…probably not Marc Jacobs either.

"Kyle left [the store] three days ago in a hurry," said a former co-worker, who did not want to be identified.

Now he knows.

Sources: NYPost & WWD

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