WTF Was She Thinking? Bad Celebrity Style, Cannes Edition.

May 16, 2008 • Fashion

Celebs sometimes look silly… even in France.

Lily Allen

Comment: We’re not a huge fan of Lily blonde, but more importantly, this halter does nothing to flatter her figure. This is a case of a pretty girl in a dress that makes her dumpy.

She Was Thinking:
A little black dress is always chic, right? (Wrong.)

Juliette Lewis

Comment: Just because you have reinvented yourself as a rocker doesn’t mean you can expose your panties to the world.

She Was Thinking: A little black dress is always chic, right? (Wrong…still.)

Amira Casar

Comment: We know that bows are in, but combined with the checkerboard, sequined skirt, it’s just costume-y overkill. Reminds us of the Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland.

She Was Thinking:
Anyone for a tea party?

Julianne Moore

Comment: Wow, there’s so much going on with this dress, we can’t even get started. Flowers, feathers, rhinestones… oh, my! It’s dumbfounding. We’re speechless. We can’t even comment.

She Was Thinking:
This dress will make a statement?

We Are Thinking:
This dress will make us braindead.

Natalie Portman

Comment: She’s so beautiful that she almost pulls off these short pants anyway, but we can’t get the images of AC/DC’s guitarist out of our head…

A striking resemblance, no?

She Was Thinking:

Anytime we can compare Natalie Portman to Angus Young… we are happy. Thank you, Cannes Film Festival!

– Hayley Wells


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