2008 Imagine Fashion Show: Amazing Cars Plus Amazing Clothes

May 19, 2008 • Fashion Shows



Last Thursday the International Academy of Design and Technology held their annual student fashion show, and of course Second City Style was there. Like many other student fashion shows, there were plenty of innovative concepts and artistic designs; however, this show had an unusual twist – it was sponsored by General Motors and included a design competition that revolved around GM’s vehicles. 

Although dozens of students submitted their designs, only five lucky and talented students had their designs chosen as the winners of the Runway to the Future & Technology Competition.  Each selection was inspired by a different GM car – the Hummer HX Concept, the Saturn Astra 3-Door, the Chevrolet Malibu LTZ, the Pontaic G8 GT, and the Saab Turbo X. It was amazing to see how fashion and automotive/industrial design inform and influence each other.

Renee Patton design with Chevrolet Malibu LTZ

Robin Clayborne design with Saturn Astra 3-Door

Speaking of different design fields being intertwined, prior to the show SCS got to sit down with David Lyon, the Executive Director of Interior Design North America for General Motors. We discussed how the company partners with fashion designers (Joseph Aboud, Tommy Hilfiger, Dana Buchman) to create stylish interiors and exteriors for their cars, how their designers are more likely to look to menswear as a source of inspiration because the trend cycle is much slower than women’s (since people tend to drive their cars for at least several years), and of course, how GM chose the winning looks for the competition (they had a "war room" and considered how the designs reflected the spirit and overall feeling of their corresponding car).

— Jacqueline Zenn

photos: Second City Style

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