Luxury Goods. Dior & Cell Phones

May 21, 2008 • Fashion


Though Christian Dior‘s CEO, Sidney Toledano, has been asked by many cell phone companies to partner up for phone designs, he has consistently refused. Instead, the luxury brand created their first piece of technological gear from scratch. The Diorphone is a "jewel-like device" and comes with "a miniature "twin" of the phone that a woman can clip to her purse or
wear on a pendant, eliminating the need to dig through a handbag to
answer a call." Intriguing, and there’s more! There is also a deluxe model of the regular $5,000 phone, studded with 640 diamonds and enclosed in an alligator sheath, which runs for $27,000. That’s more than some cars… better get it insured! However, Toledano makes the pricing seem somewhat more reasonable: "He said he expects cell phones — for legions, a cheap,
functional device — to move upscale, just like watches and handbags,
for which well-heeled women now think nothing of shelling out thousands." That sort of makes sense. Sort of.

Source: WWD

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