Beauty Indulgence. Roller (Ball) Girl

May 21, 2008 • Beauty

In keeping with the fragrance theme of the day, we thought we would highlight one of our current favorite ways to travel light and smell right…rollerball fragrance. My love affair with these pint-sized marvels began about five years ago when I received a free Stella roll-on from Sephora in Nice, France (if you bought a lot there, they would you a bag of freebies…thanks Mom!). I later bought a full-sized bottle, but it didn’t smell as good as the smaller version (is it just me?)

Now all the kids are doing it a la 70’s (remember Kissing Potion?). Here are some that are available now:

What a great way to sample perfumes for less money than the monster-sized version. If you are like me, you tire of a bottle before it’s emptied anyway. They are also fabulous for travel and for stowing in your makeup bag for a mid-day pick-me-up.

To find the fragrances pictured, click here.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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