Trends. Letting Your Manicure Go?

May 22, 2008 • Beauty


According to The New York Times, pristinely painted nails are going the same way as concealed bra straps and well-kempt hair. In a feature today, they claim letting that new manicure get chipped is not something to avoid so carefully. Yes, chipped nails are in? Gross, we think.

The Times also said, "having streaked, chipped or just plain grotty nail polish no longer
suggests drug addiction, manual labor or pure laziness. Like untied
high-tops, thread-worn jeans and bedhead, it’s now part of a deliberate
" Okay, we get that. So it can connote that you are too busy, too fabulous, too aloof, too nonchalant, too obsessed with your blackberry to worry about your manicure. But there is a limited and defined group of people who can pull off that deliberate look. Leave chipped nails to the Olsens and the Lohans, maybe the Stams and Deyns, and those who emulate them. We think a well done manicure or shiny, clean nails are undeniable– classic and stylish. So just keep ’em touched up between appointments please!

Read more of The Times’ article here.

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