For The Love of Print — Celebs Do It Up Bright: Part 1

May 25, 2008 • Magazine

For The Love of Print — Celebs Do It Up Bright: Part 1

For The Love of Print — Celebs Do It Up Bright: Part 1

Sun, 2008-05-25 02:00

Simona Kogan

Black and blue are so over — that’s if celebs have anything to say about it! This spring, celebs are getting loud — and we don’t mean dancing on tabletops Paris Hilton style!

In our last article, we told you that if you wanted to dress like a celeb, you’re going to have to make noise, at least in the clothes department. And it’s true, yellow, lime green, and bright purple are all the rage. But if you really want to make a scene, you’re going to have to trade in those pastels for patterns and you’re going to have to learn to do it well.

It’s very easy to make a mess of graphic prints, and we’ve seen debutantes like Lindsay Lohan and Paris make one too many mistakes. So how are you ever going to learn how to wear these motifs the right way?

Don’t fret! SCS is here to save the day. We’re here to show you how to wear patterns properly – with a twist. It’s time to get noticed the celeb way!

How To Wear: Paisley

Although this classic Indian motif was always around, celebs usually stayed away from it, except for the occasional scarf around the neck or the paisley purse. That’s because this big-time fashion risk was always difficult to dress around without looking like Malibu Barbie.

Luckily, those days are over and celebs are once again bringing paisley prints back into the mix. Gucci showed up the trend as bright blouses were paired with skinny trousers at his Milan Fashion Week’s Fall 2008 show. During the same week, Burberry paired paisley scarves with fur coats. And then we saw Kate Hudson in that $675.00 scoop-neck 3.1 Philip Lim dress and we were sold. She wasn’t wearing anything else but aviators, and she didn’t need to — the dress was so beautiful it spoke for itself!

Since then, celebs have played around with paisley, pairing it with black tights and ankle boots like Sophia Bush in New York or wearing a large leather belt over paisley blue and white like Emmanuelle Chriqi in her Stella McCartney jumpsuit.

If you’re going to wear paisley, you better do it up right. Celebs often go for dresses with minimal accessories because the print pops on its own. Opaque black tights or leggings are always fine as they set off the print, toughening up the sometimes sharp trend. Dark wash jeans or black trousers are great too. But please, never, ever do what Joy Bryant did when she decided to mix and match paisley and another print, layering the paisley on top over leggings and a voluptuous that made her look frumpy and two sizes larger.

Looking to wear Paisley? Try these:
Jean Paul Gaultier Paisley Tulle Wrap Dress $695
Paul & Joe Auplus Metallic Jacquard Skirt $372

How To Wear: Graphic Prints

Celebrities love making a statement and nowhere is this more evident then when they wear screaming graphic prints often of the Pucci or Missoni variety. But even if they’re not completely covered in one loud color block after another, they’re always adding something graphic to their ensemble, whether it’s a loud bag or a graphic mini-skirt (as SCS mentioned in a recent blog, graphic print mini-skirts are back in style for spring.)

Usually, when we see a celeb in a graphic print, its usually because she’s wearing a busy dress like Nicky Hilton’s Nikka New York or Camille Belle’s Miu Miu (which by the way was perfectly offset by gray leggings just over the knee.) Or we’ll see Mischa Barton in rainbow bright Missoni or Paris Hilton in Dior.

And yes, there’s always one celeb who wears the ferocious graphic print dress to the awards dinner or gala event like Star Jones at a movie premiere or Joy Bryant (again!) in a screaming Pucci at the Met’s Costume Institute Gala. But of course, some do it so right. We loved Kate Bosworth‘s multi-colored graphic print Chanel dress or Leighton Meester in her Chloe.

If you’re going to go graphic (and we recommend that you do) try wearing a prominent dress with black or metallic sandals. You can always pair a long graphic blouse with latex leggings (so IN right now!) like Lauren Conrad and the Olsen twins. But never, ever wear them with other brights like blue or purple stockings, over-statement-y jewelry or loud shoes. We’ll go ga-ga over the graphic print on its own.

Go graphic! Try these:
Hera Printed Satin Minidress $217
Vince Graphic Swirl Dress $285

Next month: Florals come to life and modern art finds its way into the celeb print scene.

Celebrity Photos left to right
Kate Bosworth in 3.1 Philip Lim
Emmanuelle Chriqui in Stella McCartney
Mischa Barton in Missoni
Camille Belle in Miu Miu

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