S&TC, The Co-Stars and Guests. Black and White Abounds.

May 28, 2008 • Celebrity Style

There was a lot going on beyond just the four leading ladies at the Sex & The City NYC premiere… here we go!

Fergie Ferg
To us, this looks like an odd take on a poodle skirt. Why the white motorcycle jacket, and why the orange shoes with the creamy blush dress? Kinda weird, Fergs.

Mary J. Blige
We think this is a chic and slimming black and white choice for the R&B singer. However, we probably would have left the anklet at home, or back in the 5th grade.

Emmy Rossum

There is nothing significantly wrong with Emmy’s sweet black and white look but… yawwwwn. Isn’t the point of going to a premiere of a movie you aren’t in to see and be seen? She’s not going to cause much of a stir in this snoozer.

Jennifer Hudson

Miss Hudson takes a note from her costars and picks up on the metallic theme, and incorporates some black like Kristin Davis. She is working those curves, and we especially love her cute bob and the piping on her pumps.

Giuliana Depandi Rancic

The E! News anchor who we usually love looks like she is going to prom in the OC or out with Lauren Conrad and crew. We thought Emmy Rossum’s look was nothing special, but this white look makes us catatonic. Not that its particularly bad, but just booooring.

Ashley Olsen (sans Mary Kate)

Although we disagree with the length of the pant (and her roots), we’re digging the overall look. We love the ’80s throwback jacket, the corseted blouse, and the color of the bag with the mostly black and white ensemble. If we could even see the shoes, we might talk about them. We also like her rare smile… despite the flaws, Ashley’s won us over here with some distinct choices!

Overall, with the focus on fashion that this film brings, you would think attendees might have stepped their game up a little. Instead of safe and simple, they could have gone avant-garde! Oh well, it could have been worse…

– Hayley Wells

Photos: Wireimage.com

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  1. Hey, wait a second, did the SATC premier happen at my granny’s house? That dusty rose carpet looks creepily familiar.

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