Trends. Clothing, Style, and Androgyny.

June 4, 2008 • Fashion

After seeing Ashley Olsen‘s ensembles to the Sex and the City premiere and the CFDA Awards, I’ve been thinking a lot about menswear inspired womenswear. Is it a look you can pull of without looking like Fran Lebowitz? Do you have to be a waify ingenue or a curvy beauty to wear a suit and not look like you’re headed to the office? Can a chic tux replace an evening gown at formal events with the right cut and style? Or will suited-up people like you and me just end up looking like Ellen Degeneres next to a glamorous, gown-clad Portia De Rossi?

Jessica Arthur at the JC Report weighs in on the subject in her piece, "Girls Will Be Boys". She says that "the lesbian-chic look is attracting more than just androgynous
types this time around—it’s spilling over right into indie fashion
proper." But will it spill over from indie-gear to mainstream fashion? When it seems like the highest goal of fashion is to make women feel beautiful and confident, can designers make them feel that way in clothing that is noted for its boyishness?

Arthur also raises the point that style-setters are observing the trend– "Lou Doillon cites the Artful Dodger, and not her
mother, Jane Birkin, as her main source of fashion inspiration." If those born into glamor are eschewing it, will fashion go against its predecessors, too? We’re intrigued to see if this anti-establishment trend, which has surfaced again and again over the years, will make a true comeback this time around. On the one hand, it seems like a modern take on things that men and women’s fashion should merge, but it is also so counterintuitive to the idea of glamour and style. Will you be exchanging your floral dresses and body conscious clothing for androgynous looks any time soon? Jury’s still out over here.

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  1. Altheya says:

    Hey! I though it’s a guy, but I’m wrong she is a girl wearing those suits. i like what she said “Girls Will Be Boys”.I enjoyed reading your post, it makes a lot of sense, keep it up!

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