Found! The Sex and the City Belt!

June 9, 2008 • Breaking News


I swear if had a dollar for every friend that has asked me who made the studded belt SJP wore in the movie (in many scenes)…I’d have enough money to own one! Well, the bad news is the belt is vintage. The good news is that it is likely to be copied by every belt manufacturer known to leather.

In fact, we found one at, but it will set you back $350. If you can wait, we bet there will be cheaper alternatives…soon.

Order this custom-made, handcrafted, handstudded, leather belt in development by Designer Old Stud Handmade for $350. Available mid- late June 2008. Email for pre-ordering.

Update: there is also a version by Streets Ahead that’s a little less…$250. Check out and look for the ‘Roger’ belt.

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One Response to Found! The Sex and the City Belt!

  1. anise says:

    sure, the belt is cool & all, but for being such a “fashion forward” movie, why did they put it on her for 6 different outfits? lame.

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