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June 9, 2008 • Beauty


Did you know June 8th-14th the second annual Sun Safety week will begin? It’s a full week dedicated to importance of skin protection. During this week’s observance, the Sun Safety Alliance‘s goal is to reduce the incidence of skin cancer by motivating people to adopt and practice safe sun protection. What better way to protect skin than with the best SPF products guaranteed to keep your skin safe and extra healthy?

AHAVA has created their own unique Mineral Sun care line which provides UVA + UVB protection, fights sun-aging and generously hydrates sun-exposed skin. Its summertime which means the days are longer, temperatures are higher and the sun is unavoidable.

Every product in the line offers a unique, Multi-Layer Protection System™ of minerals and vitamins, and all are water resistant up to 80 minutes. The entire collection is hypoallergenic and has been approved for sensitive skin; additionally, every product with an SPF of 30 or above is suitable for children.

Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizing Spray
Give your skin the long-lasting, non-greasy protection it deserves in an easy-to-apply spray.  This luxurious lotion defends against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Skin is left soft, smooth and perfectly protected. Available in SPF 15 for moderate coverage, and SPF 30 for a higher level of protection.

Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizer
An ultra-light and refreshing cream designed to soften and protect the skin on the body. This luxurious moisturizing lotion is ideal for daily use on hands, décolletage, neck and legs and is available in SPF 15 for daily use, SPF 30 for more serious coverage, and SPF 50 for individuals with sensitive, fair skin or for those who spend extended periods of time in the sun.

Sun Protection Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer SPF 50
This lightweight, ultra nourishing facial moisturizer offers highly effective, broad spectrum SPF protection for delicate facial skin. Ideal for all skin types, this nourishing lotion is perfect for very fair individuals or those recovering from dermatologic treatments. This moisturizer leaves skin smooth and perfectly protected.

After Sun Rehydrating Balm
Help your skin heal after prolonged exposure to damaging and photo aging UV rays.  This light, soothing cream is designed to calm and nourish skin, while providing essential moisture to help replenish.

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