BizOver™ Trunk Show at Saks – A Sneak Peek. See What I Get to Wear!

June 19, 2008 • Events

I am honored to be among ten very down-to-earth, smart, and interesting business women nominated for BizOver™. Tonight there will be an invitation only reception on the 4th Floor of Saks Fifth Avenue.

All of the “Honorees” were invited to take part in the Biz-Over™ challenge: adopt a new outlook on our health, style, beauty, business and legal needs.

BizOver Boot Camp
We started with a Saturday boot camp retreat at the Park Hyatt. The breakfast buffet at Nomi was delicious and kept us going back for more. Then it was on to a private meeting room. Book your next executive meeting here, because not only was it a beautiful Zen-like room, but anything you could want including water, soda, espresso, jelly bellies and Garrett’s Popcorn was at our disposal! We needed the carbs keep up our energy for the meeting! Daphne Wolfolk of Essati Consulting got us to think and learn from one another by bringing out similar issues facing all business owners. Lema Khorshid of FBK Law helped us with trademark and legal issues, and Dr. Vesna Skul of the Center For Well Being gave an enlightening visual presentation on skin care, aging, and health issues facing women. Everything at boot camp was helpful and informative, but then it was on to the fun stuff…beauty and fashion!

The Makeover
We had private appointments for a Fotofacial RF and Refirm skin tightening treatment with a skin assessment with Dr. Skul. After my first treatment, a stubborn sun spot that I had for years on my forehead disappeared! I was given other suggestions (injections!) which I will have to save for another article! Stay tuned next week…

Most Importantly…What Will I Wear?
My favorite part of BizOver was that we get to wear clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue, along with hair styling and makeup! Chicago fashion expert Nena Ivan, Manager of Special Events is our style consultant.

I kept dreaming about the fitting at the Fifth Avenue Club. Would I get to try on white ruffled blouses and flowing pants and dresses and gowns and…Chanel Suits? What designers would we get to wear? And would we also get to wear their shoes? 
I met Nena in a large empty dressing room. She quickly flipped though the information I previously filled out about my personal style, colors and sizes. 

“Are we wearing formal? Or business wear? How are you doing this?”  I ask her, unable to contain myself.

“I have no set plan,” she tells me, “I don’t know how I do what I do, but I get a feel for the person and then I find what’s right for them. It’s one on, one off!”

Now I’m really curious and really looking forward to this magic trick. I am also relieved that this won’t take all day. “There is something that was not quite working for anyone that I want to try…” she said halfway out the door. Now I know she has a feel for me, because, yes, I always like to be different.

She is back in a flash with one pair of pants, two jackets and a knit top. I do a bit of a double take at the color. Orange. I love orange, but I am never sure if it is right for me. But then I see my reflection in the mirror, and I was actually wearing a  copper-orange top. I guess it’s right for me.

Etro Brocade Jacket, $1,560

Akris Punto Silk Jersey Boatneck Top, $295

Etro Striped Flat-Front Pants, $625

Akris Punto Wool Jacket, $1290

The grey striped wool pants feel beautiful, and fit me perfectly. (Except that we have to hem them up about a foot!) I slip on the orange knit sleeveless sweater. Nice! Now for a choice on the jacket. The floral caught my eye, because of the chartreuse velvet trim, and it fit perfectly again. This made for a very interesting combination of color. The sleeves falls right above my wrist bone, a chic sleeve length. I like it, great!

Next I try the orange jacket. Great shape…maybe this looks cuter? I go back to the first jacket. It was tough, but I made the decision based on the fact that I may be more comfortable because is lighter weight, and I like the unusual colors.

As for shoes: “You can wear your own, or I can pull some for you,” she offers.
“I’ll can bring shoes, but just in case, I wear a size 9 or a 40!” I quickly volunteer.

Thanks to Nena Ivan, I am ready to go!

—Carol Calacci

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