Crazy Hats. They Just Don’t Get Any Nuttier.

June 19, 2008 • Fashion

Thought SJP’s hat to the London premier of "Sex and the City" was outlandish? It was crazy Royal Ascot Ladies Day at the Ascot Racecourse today. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Poor Princess Beatrice has a white sprouting growth appendage. She looks unhappy about it. Can you blame her?

Here is Cilla Black in a red peony

I have dubbed this hat ‘Violet Medusa’. Don’t even look at it!

Oh my heavens. It’s a flower tepee.

I just love this whackadoodle daisy capped contraption.

Thirteen birds gave their lives and nests to make this hat.

I kid you not, that is Miss England promoting Pork Pies. Seriously. That’s a pork pie (Spam?) on her head.

Look closely. This young girl is wearing a bathroom upon her head.

This is my favorite by far. A Stilton hat. Who brought the Carr’s Water Crackers?

– Lauren Dimet Waters

photos: WireImage

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2 Responses to Crazy Hats. They Just Don’t Get Any Nuttier.

  1. What will they think of next?? I’m so loving the hats….um not!

  2. These hats looks impressive.

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