eBay Style Tips From the Top. An Interview with eBay Style Director Constance White.

June 23, 2008 • Fashion

Constance White in the eBay Style Lounge. Second City Style Photo

eBay Live was held at McCormick Place in Chicago last week and I had the pleasure of meeting Constance White, eBay Style Director. Not only did she impart insightful fashion and style advice, but some tips on buying and selling on eBay. She had a wealth of information and was so easy going, I could have chatted with her all day!

SCS: How and when did you know that fashion was going to be your career… your life?
Constance: There was actually a defining moment after college with my journalism degree. I knew I wanted to do something with either music or fashion, so I thought I would seek opportunities at a trade publication. I applied for jobs at Billboard and Womens Wear Daily, and Women’s Wear Daily came through!

SCS: What kind of music were you involved in?
Constance: I was a reggae singer!

SCS: How do you see the Internet help (or hinder) in giving us a more fashionable world?
Constance: I see it helping. It is democratic, everything is available to everyone. For example on eBay, you can get everything for a GAP t-shirt to a Balenciaga handbag!

SCS: What does your job at eBay entail?
Constance: What I like about it is that I use my background as a newspaper and magazine journalist, fashion styling and marketing. It all comes together. My favorite part of my job is events such as one we did for Ruby Dee recently. We put on a dinner and the fashion community was able to meet her.

SCS: What Spring/Summer trends are you excited about that you think women can wear right now?

• Bright Colors – like shots of green, yellow or red
• Florals
• Mud Prints, Bogolan Prints
• Dresses (are still big!)

SCS: How about vintage? Any trends on eBay?

• Japanese Prints
• Diane Von Furstenberg
• Stephen Burrows
• Yves Saint Laurent, since he passed away, his 60s and 80s are selling, even his fragrance. The "YSL look" has become popular: Tuxedo Jackets, Smoking Jackets, Mondrian prints and A-line dresses.
• Specific vintage labels are popular, like Members Only Jackets from the 80s!

SCS: What key pieces and trends do you suggest that women collect now that they can wear into Fall?

• Wider leg pants, I suggest gray.
• A blouse (with bows or ruffles will work into fall)
• Lace
• Florals
• Brightly colored shoes that you can wear now and wear with tights in the fall. Red is a good color.

SCS: I just have to ask…what is the best thing that you ever "scored’ on eBay.
Constance: (smiling) Well, what comes to mind is a spring coat I got for $200. It is white with sort of a cracked paint print, a Cacharel modern styled trench.

SCS: Do you have insider knowledge of when something great is going up?
Constance: No, there is no way that I any way of knowing what is going to go up! I’m just like everybody else on eBay.

SCS: How can fashionable women take advantage of eBay? I know that many great shoppers know how to use the site, but what tips can you give a novice to make it easy to get started?

Constance: I know that the breadth and depth of eBay can be intimidating! Money may be tight right now and eBay is a great place to save, or make a little extra cash.

1. First make a list of what you want.
2. Make a budget
3. Start with something small. Earrings are a good place to start, and something that I often suggest. (She pointed out a beautiful pair of large gold hoops that she was wearing!)
4. Look for sellers with a lot of photos, and good ratings.
5. Use specific search word to find exactly what you are looking for. If you use the search word ‘runway’ a lot of great pieces will come up.

1. Show several pictures
2. Don’t just auction items but offer a "Buy Now" option as well.
3. Be descriptive in your copy with details and also romance it a bit. Say a dress is sexy and perfect for a cocktail party.

SCS: What is the best advice that anyone ever gave you?
Constance: I think my best advice was something I read… To take life as it comesand let it flow.

— Carol Calacci

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  1. Anna says:

    I want her job! LOL I’m getting my degree in Journalism as well, and currently blog for a fashion company…maybe one day I’ll be so lucky 🙂

  2. lady coveted says:

    dang, i’m wearing grey wide leg pants now!
    she read my mind!
    great interview!

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