Ask the Bean: Mastering the Fashion of the MBA

June 24, 2008 • Fashion


Dear Bean:

I am starting in an MBA program this fall. I haven’t been in an
educational setting since undergraduate school; and I know that
sweatpants, cami’s and flip flops aren’t necessarily the attire for an
MBA program. Is there a way I can look professional, but in a way more
suited for a classroom versus a board meeting?

Smartly Suited

Dear Suited:

We all remember the days of dorm rooms, our first chosen class
schedule, late nights and early mornings, and a whole new world from
high school. The idea of college is to assist in growing students into
independent individuals and prepare them for their future lives and
potential careers. After several years of mastering undergrad, these
adults are given black robes, a diploma and the path to their chosen

After our black robes, we are given new dress codes to fit our graduated lifestyles.
Congratulations on starting on the path towards obtaining your MBA —
but agreed, flip flops and sweat pants should be kept in the post-high
school bracket or on the couch while studying your textbooks.

The first day of class is always a stressful one — don’t look too
eager, don’t look too casual, blend in but stand out (but dare say
without the “brown-noser” title), and above all, wear something fantastic.

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