News Flash. Life As An Assistant Is Hard!

June 26, 2008 • Off-Topic


In this article from The New York Observer, entitled "Ivy League Slaves of New York," the entry level jobs of the fashion and publishing industry are compared to being voluntarily hazed. Young editors bully assistants who bully their college interns… in turn. So why are the brightest going for these low-rent jobs? "There’s no longer any debate, it seems, as to why anyone would
tolerate being treated this way. Even in an age when there are in some
ways more job options than ever, thanks to the Internet, young women,
especially, seem to view an assistantship as the only means to a life of glamour and distinction in this city

If you ask for it, then take it, I say! If college grads are truly as bright as they are made out to be, they should be able to handle demanding jobs with competency! Furthermore, being challenged is the only way get better, right? Don’t all those thinly-veiled exposés about fascist bosses end with some sappy moment where the terrorized assistant realizes that her nemesis-mentor really taught her something important– skills, sense of self, morality? If this current trend has really become a cultural phenomenon, we all know what we’re getting ourselves into now!

Hear an assistant’s personal story here.

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