WTF Was She Thinking? The Week in Bad Celeb Style.

June 26, 2008 • Fashion

Unfortunately, the BET Awards provided more fodder for our weekly WTF than for our much needed fashion inspiration. Even though some serious trend-setters hail from the hip-hop world (M.I.A., Kanye), most of the BET styles looked like prom-warmed-over or worse.  Here are some of the high…lowlights.

Alicia Keys

Comment: The usually beautiful singer misses the mark. The length makes her legs look stumpy, and the hemline practically gives her… GASP… cankles! The dress just looks too big, and the look on Alicia’s face makes it seem like she knows it’s not right. And the final word on Alicia: I have just NEVER understood that hairstyle. Has it ever looked flattering on anyone?

She Was Thinking: 
Someone’s totally going to rip me a new one for this outfit, aren’t they?

Solange Knowles

Comment: That hair, those shoes, that print, those colors! Soooooo incredibly fugly!

She Was Thinking: … Nope. We can’t even imagine what she was thinking with this one.

Keri Hilson

Comment: I love a good retro look, but this one is definitely not good. Fully body sparkle suit with a hairdo straight out of The Jeffersons? Should have left this look in the 70’s where it belongs.

She Was Thinking: Do the hustle!

Olivia Thirlby at The Wackness premiere at the LA Film Festival
Comment: Olivia Thirlby is one of my favorite up-and-coming stars, so consider this an intervention. You must drop this grunge look, Livs! Maybe it’s because your new film is set in the early ’90s, that you’ve picked up the signature look of the decade… dark lipstick. I like eccentric personal style, but this look is not a good one for you!

She Was Thinking:
I was like 8 years old in the early ’90s!

Jaime Winstone at the Edinburgh Film Festival
Comment: Well, we have to give it to her, she is very well put together. But put together in a look that says only one thing- Tom Sawyer.

She Was Thinking:
Aww shucks Huck!

Looking forward to next week!

-Hayley Wells


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