Desperate Times…At Home Pedicure

June 29, 2008 • Magazine

Desperate Times...At Home Pedicure

Desperate Times...At Home Pedicure

Sun, 2008-06-29 07:00

Natayle Henry

The thought of doing any spa service at home can be a rather frightening thought — especially a pedicure. But with the economy being in a less than perfect state, many have had to sacrifice their once religious spa visits in order to have a little extra money in their bank accounts. While I’m not advocating for anyone to stop making those trips to the spa if it’s feasible, these tips may prove to be helpful if you’re ever in a pinch!

Step 1: The Soak
Begin by filling a tub or foot bath with either water and your favorite foot soak or equal parts warm water and milk (which will soften and prep calluses for easier removal). Soak feet for approximately five to ten minutes.
May I suggest?
A. Dr. Scholl’s Sole Sensations Classic Foot Spa $24.99
With heat, water jets, bubbles and more, your feet will feel invigorated and relaxed!
B. Aromatherapy Foot Soak Stress Relief – Tranquil Mint $15
Composed of moisturizing sunflower oil and refreshing lemon balm, this foot soak softens, soothes and relieves tired feet.

Step 2: The Shape Up
Rub a drop of cuticle oil into each nail bed and push cuticles and any thickened skin back with a cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick. Using a coarse-grain emery board, file nails straight across and round on the sides.
May I suggest?
C. OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil $12
Infused with avocado, sunflower and sesame seed oils, this nourishing oil restores essential moisture and aids in getting rid of unsightly cuticles.

Step 3: The Exfoliation Process
Empty water and refill tub or foot bath with clean water. Exfoliate feet with a foot scrub and remove calluses with a callus remover or pumice stone. Rinse feet.
May I suggest?
D. Atremis Woman Heel Smoother Pro $29.99
The best callus remover (at least from what I’ve found). Removes calluses in seconds revealing soft, beautiful feet!

Step 4: Mask It
Apply a moisture-rich mask to feet and lower legs. Leave on for five to ten minutes and rinse.
May I suggest?
E. Qtica Exotic Mango Moisture Mask $16
Moisturizing mask that leaves skin soft and supple.

Step 5: Moisturize
After drying your feet, massage on a hydrating foot cream. After applying cream, wipe off lotion on nails with a nonacetone nail polish remover. This step is extremely important as nail polish will not adhere to nails correctly if there are traces of lotion or cream on them. Slip on toe separators and apply a basecoat to each nail. Apply all polish from bottom to top.
May I suggest?
F. Barielle Total Foot Care Cream $19.50
Feet will feel the softest they’ve ever been with this cream. Calluses and dry cracked feet seem to disappear with this cream!
G. Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat $7
A rubberized basecoat that is tough enough to keep toe nail polish adhered for two weeks.

Step 6: Polish
Apply the polish of your choice to each nail waiting one to two minutes before applying next coat. After applying the second coat of nail color (wait one to two minutes) and apply your top coat. Let nails dry for no less than an hour. In a hurry? Apply a quick-dry drops or topcoat or use your hair-dryer set to cool/cold.
May I suggest?
H. OPI Nail Laquer in Bubble Bath or for a darker look, OPI Nail Laquer in Lincoln Park After Dark $7
I. Barielle’s Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender $16
Not only does this dry nails in seconds but it dries to a shiny finish which lasts for a week or longer!

Step 7: Maintenance
A thin layer of topcoat can be applied once a week in order to extend the life of your pedicure. Have rough feet? Slip your feet into gel-lined socks at night to help moisturize feet.
May I suggest?
J. Earth Therapeutics Soft Soles Gel Booties $24.99

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