Controversial Trends. More on the Ubiquitous Summer Scarf.

July 1, 2008 • Fashion


The summer scarf has taken off this year. We’ve discussed it before, but as my eyes keep being inundated by celebs in scarves, I just had to bring it up again. I think it’s origins are in the indie set– those hipsters love to accessorize with a bandana, scarf, or shawl, even when the weather’s nice. Thus, musicians followed suit and adopted the fad,  and actors are always trying to be as cool as musicians… so now we have celebs everywhere rocking a warm-weather scarf.

See musician John Mayer (yes this was actually in summer):

A perennial trend follower, Jessica Alba:

Here’s Cameron Diaz, rocking a scarf that looks a lot like the one that got Rachel Ray in so much trouble in that Dunkin’ Donuts commercial…

Kate Moss takes on the summer scarf with her signature boho spin:

And newly-minted style maven, Rachel Bilson, rocks it right.

So, is this a look a layperson can pull off? Should you and I be out searching for colorful summer cashmere and gossamer, flowing scarves? 

According to MSNBC, "Versatile and vibrant, an oversize scarf is virtually weightless, and
will take up very little room in your purse. Although part of the
allure is the chic, airy feel, a feather-light scarf can ward off the
chill of air-conditioning, and even act as an extra layer of sunscreen.
Beyond its functionality, this fashionable accent is available on any
budget, and in every style imaginable
." Even if, like me, you can’t totally buy wearing a summer scarf to stay warm in too-cold AC, you gotta love hearing that last bit. (The article also has some great tips on how to wear a summer scarf– see it here.)

My final take is this: If it suits you, go for it. Rachel Bilson works it effortlessly into her wardrobe. Jessica Alba, on the other hand, looks a little ridiculous pairing her scarves with trucker caps and over-sized aviators. Ultimately, scarves are a traditionally chic accessory, so don’t wear them to look trendy, because you’ll just look silly. And if you’re wondering where to find a chic scarf, try this post and the SCS Store!

– Hayley Wells

Photos:, The Coquette,

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