Male Box. A Fashionista For First Lady?

July 1, 2008 • Fashion


Joseph Ungoco for Second City Style Magazine

The First Lady of the United States has always been a style icon to
the American public. Wherever her role lies on the spectrum from
Hostess-in-Chief to Dragon Lady Co-President, the First Lady’s image
visually embodies a belief system and many American women who admire
The First Lady’s beliefs emulate her fashion choices. So far this
election year, I’ve noticed that there has been little campaign
coverage in the fashion press, perhaps because comparing a candidate to
a candidate’s wife is an apples-and-oranges situation. Now that the
style competition is head-to-head between the two potential First
Ladies, the fashion press – myself included – will be taking a more
critical look at both contenders.

Michelle Obama has recently been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy
who sparked fashion trends every time she walked out the front door of
the White House. In the Camelot years, Mrs. Kennedy’s fashion
statements drove women to their dressmakers and pattern suppliers. In
today’s internet age, a Google search and two clicks will have the very
same dress on its way to your home. Mrs. Obama’s recent appearance
on The View in a $148 Donna Ricco black-and-white sleeveless shift
dress caused an immediate run on the dress nationwide.
She failed to mention the name of the store on the program, referring to it as a store where everything is black-and-white. Perhaps her handlers told her that saying “White House Black Market” wouldn’t poll well.
Regardless, she looked great and I enjoy seeing women all over New
York, in the streets and on the subways, in the exact same dress. It’s
a style that looks great on a variety of ages, colors, and sizes. I’m all for responsible fashion trend setting and this one was a winner.

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