Atlanta News Flash. Retailers Robbed by Gangs.

July 3, 2008 • Fashion

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Denim retailers in Atlanta who were victims of robbery

According to Atlanta police, "Street gangs targeting premium denim have stolen merchandise valued at
more than $1 million during increasingly brazen robberies and break-ins
of over 50 stores in the Atlanta area." For retailers, this means substituting their well-known brand name premium denim with lesser known brands, arming employees with pepper spray, locking denim in safes, and hiring security guards. WWD reports, "The stolen goods are resold through an underground network that reaches
from street vendors to nightclubs, beauty salons and the Internet, said
Detective Rick Anderson of the Atlanta Police Department Retail Theft
Task Force. The most popular labels are True Religion, Rock &
and Red Monkey, all retailing at about $200 and being resold
for an average of $70."

These jeans are a different kind of "hot."  Stolen denim for 70 bucks? Definitely NOT worth it. Read more about the strain on retailers and the mindsets of the modern-day Robin Hood gangs here.

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