Summer of Scarves

July 3, 2008 • Magazine

Summer of Scarves

Summer of Scarves

Thu, 2008-07-03 14:00

Rachel Yeomans

After the snow, after the rain, and after the wind, summer sunshine and tank top temperatures have finally arrived! The sidewalks are now being filled by outdoor patrons along café storefronts and pedestrians strolling the sidewalks with their leashed dogs or shopping bags.

Once the season finally emerged from rain clouds, I immediately stored those turtlenecks and sweaters and filled the temporarily vacant closet space with camisoles, linen pants, summer dresses, and scarves. Yes, I said scarves.

Scarves have become the accessory of the summer season. Paris has proudly toted the ‘scarf capital’ reputation for years, and it appears the United States is finally following suit. Well, not literally. Instead of the scarf enhancing Armani or St. John, it is being sported with more casual attire — namely the sleeveless white tank and choice of denim.

I absolutely love how women are dressing up the jean/t-shirt combination with their Chanel sunglasses, statement clutch, and the latest platform sandal. They are wrapping the look up with such style in the form of a fabulous silk or light cashmere scarf that many pendants wouldn’t dare compete.

And I realized something during one of my recent strolls of scarf-scrutiny: The cardigan has been replaced!

So many summer days were spent choosing my purse based on whether it could hold my cardigan in case the summer heat to air conditioning transition warranted a cover-up. Why did I not realize that the scarf could be the answer to my woes of being forced to deal with the clunky-ness of a tote versus the ease of a baguette? Scarves have been used for years as the standard hair accessory to prevent the mishap resulting from an open car window, or to provide a classy cover-up to the bad hair day. It’s a wonder it has taken me this long to realize that scarves can be used for another functional purpose with just as rewarding fashionable attributes!

With all that said, my sweaters are in storage, my tank tops have re-emerged, and my scarves aren’t going anywhere except around my neck. Happy summer to you all; and I’ll see you on the sidewalks!

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