Sports & Fashion. Rafa Cleans Up Nicely… Venus, Not So Much.

July 7, 2008 • Celebrity Style

The victors of Wimbledon celebrated last night at the Hotel Intercontinental in Hyde Park, London at their 2008 Champions Dinner. The formal dinner provided men’s champion, Rafael Nadal, an opportunity to prove that he can match opponent Roger Federer sartorially, as well as on the court. He appeared looking quite dapper…


Like we said, he cleans up nicely! Although, how many men don’t look handsome in a simple tux? The women’s champ Venus Williams, however, chose a look that we would not suggest emulating. She’s a role model for women on the court, but perhaps not on the red carpet!


Although we love purple for this season and the next, and we appreciate the festive nature of the cropped jacket, we would not recommend a menswear-inspired look for a woman who already has a masculine frame. We’re also thinking this look would have looked much more put together with a sleeker hairdo! This messy curl isn’t showing off the champ’s happy face! 

Venus has mastered tennis– maybe she should work on her fashion game!


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