Industry News. Market Trauma or Smart Shopping?

July 9, 2008 • Shopping


According to WWD, the middle-aged, middle income woman, who the article calls the "mainstream woman," is the feeling the pinch more than any other person in recent market difficulties. Because they are trying to figure out how to rebalance their families’ budgets, their own clothing wants often fall to the bottom of the list.

So what are Moms buying these days? "What’s selling are items that balance novelty — details that set an
item apart from what she already owns — and versatility that allows her
to wear it beyond one season and for multiple purposes, either to work
and for an evening out." Well, that just sounds like smart shopping to us!

A Morgan Keegan analyst further explained the mom situation to WWD: "She doesn’t need the third or fourth white blouse. She’s not going from
spending $200 a year to zero — she going to $140. She’s buying
something special, maybe two items at $70 instead of four items at $50." Investment pieces, you might say.

So, moms are also waiting for those special items  to go on sale. While that’s good for the moms, it’s not good for the market! Trading down or buying at a discount will not help shrinking margins. Moms making their money go further, but retailers suffering decreased sales… what’s a mainstream woman to do? Most retailers have indicated they don’t foresee significant improvement in sales until 2010. Guess we’ll have to stick it out.

Source: WWD

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