Accessories Report. Sunglasses…The New Frontier?

July 11, 2008 • Accessories


According to this article from yesterday’s New York Times, sunglasses are the new "it" accessory. Female shoppers, tired of the usual shoes, handbags, and jewels, are moving to the seasonal item to splurge on. More and more, the sunglasses you wear depend on outfit coordination, not eye protection… as if that comes as any surprise to a true follower of fashion.

The money that women used to drop on say, designer handbags, is now getting spent on a new pair of shades. The article reports, "Prices for designer sunglasses have jumped to $350 or more in recent
months, from an average of $250, retailers say, and the price spike has
not turned off shoppers.
" When you’re used to unloading a month’s rent on a handbag, what’s $350 for a pair of sunglasses! Additonally, if the current trends hold over like they have been, sunglasses will probably last you more seasons than shoes or bags. And well-taken-care-of sunglasses will last you a lot longer– seeing as a quirky retro pair of shades never seems to be out of style.

Market research also presents this theory: "Sunglasses will replace the handbag as the image item among teenage girls and young women" according to the NPD Group. Perhaps its celebrity-wear that has upped the image and status of sunglasses? Kanye West has definitely made them an integral part of his image.

The article raises that good point that sunglasses can give you that designer cachet, without having to revamp your entire wardrobe. But don’t walk around with labels all over your face: "Designers are playing into shoppers’ desire to be recognized, at least
by those in the know, by downplaying big logos and incorporating more
subtle signals of provenance." Keep it understated, the article suggests, with "stealth-wealth" designs.

So, what kind of shades should you shop for before your summer vacay? "This summer, a heightened enthusiasm for aviator and wraparound frames
and vintage Jackie O styles
is contributing to their status as the
luxury accent of the hour." Here are some styles we like! Check them out below.

Vintage Look

Marc Jacobs Collection Retro Square Sunglasses, Blue, $330

Wrap Around Frames

Ray Ban Wrap Sunglasses, $129

Embellished Frames

Dior Rain Sunglasses, $360

Classic Aviators

Marc by Marc Jacobs Aviator-style Sunglasses, $98

Oversized Frames

D&G Dolce & Gabbana Round Frame Sunglasses, $150

Stealth Brand Logos
Tom Ford Mackenzie Sunglasses, $380

Quirky Colors
Emilio Pucci Cut-Out Sunglasses, $385

– Hayley Wells

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