WTF Was She Thinking?! The Week In Bad Celeb Style.

July 11, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Here are this week’s winners… losers!

Italian actress Giulia Elettra Gorietti at the Roma Fiction Fest



When Anne Hathaway is doing such beautiful things in Rome, why does this otherwise beautiful actress feel the need to desecrate fashion so? This looks something I would have snuck out of my house in my purse to change into when I was going through my rebellious phase in junior high. Especially those shoes. Steve Madden circa 1998?

She Was Thinking:
Is it too soon to throwback to the ’90s?

Mary J. Blige
at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans


On stage:

Two swings and two strikes! It seems that Ms. Mary has come down with the Alicia Keys disease of wearing your pants way too tight. Mary J. has great curves… it’s just that these outfits do NOTHING for them!

She Was Thinking:
Is my body too bootylicious for ya, babe?

Jennifer Hudson at Keep A Child Alive: The Black Ball UK


When repeat offenders Mischa Barton and Alicia Keys got it right at this benefit, you’d think Jennifer Hudson could muster something better than an unflattering maxi-dress and flip-flops. I mean, it’s right there in the name of the event– wear something simple and black for a change, Hudson! Also, I take issue with her neon blue nail polish.

She Was Thinking: This nail polish went much better with my smurf costume!

Leah Wood at the Giuseppe Zanotti Design Boutiques Launch Party in London


Blacks that don’t match, and baggy leggings. Enough said.

She Was Thinking: Don’t look at my outfit, just look at my shoes!

Kelly Rowland at the Giuseppe Zanotti Design Boutiques Launch Party in London


Jury’s out on this one. Decidedly bad but… is it a circus tent, or prison inmate garb? A study in parallelism? Optical illusion? Female mime outfit? Wait, wait, wait… maybe it’s just boring and done better by others before her? (Whoa, okay, that was harsh.)

She Was Thinking: If you look at this dress long enough, your eyes go funny! Neato!

It was actually a pretty good week in fashion. Click here to see a major highlight!

– Hayley Wells


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  1. Styleflair says:

    We all make fashion mistakes but it’s harder for celebs as photographers are always there to record them!
    Don’t let fear of mistakes stop you experimenting – experimentation leads to success too!

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