The (Utterly Fashionable) One That Got Away

July 13, 2008 • Magazine

The (Utterly Fashionable) One That Got Away

The (Utterly Fashionable) One That Got Away

Sat, 2008-07-12 14:00

Jacqueline Zenn

Most of us have the one that got away – no, not that significant other who broke your heart, but that special piece that you once found and still think about, but for whatever reason, you didn’t buy it. You may have even gone back to the shop where you first saw it and discovered that it was already gone, sold to someone more decisive than you.

My most bittersweet “one that got away” was a luscious pair of burgundy patent Stuart Weitzman shoes that were a steal, and they fit me perfectly. However, I was a student at the time and sexy pumps just didn’t fit into my slightly preppy college wardrobe, so I left them on the rack. Now, every time I walk by the Stuart Weitzman store here in Chicago and see similar pairs priced at around $300, I mentally kick myself.

There have been other items I’ve passed on because although I coveted them, they didn’t seem to fit into my existing wardrobe or lifestyle. An ivory suede coat that was as stunningly impractical as it was beautiful, a pair of shimmering shoulder-dusting chandelier earrings that were just a little too heavy for comfort, and several marked down Pucci scarves (I have a deep affection for things printed with Pucci-esque designs) that I should have snapped up. For one friend of mine, her one that got away was a intricately detailed Maltese cross pendant that was just a little too expensive, unfortunately it was a one-off piece and she has never come across anything like it.

Traveling also tends to create these situations – after all, if you have limited room in your suitcase you are unlikely to purchase too many new things. However, being away from home makes the likelihood that you will be able to find something like your coveted piece even lower, or if you can it will be much more expensive.

The real solution this problem is quite simple. Always buy the clothes or accessories that just seem to speak to you; you can probably return them later, sell them on consignment or give them to a friend if they really don’t fit into your wardrobe or lifestyle. And at least then you will avoid the regrets of the “fashionable one that got away.”

Don’t Let These Fashionable Ones Get Away!
(top to bottom)
Stuart Weitzman Expump Was $280, Now $206
Armani Collezioni Patent Crocodile Trench $1925
Kendra Scott Large Chandelier Earrings $80
Emilio Pucci Pizzo Print Large Silk Scarf $270
Vania Nielsen Crystal Pearl Maltese Cross Necklace Was $355, Now $219

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