Celeb Style News. Lindsay Lohan Leggings Exclusively At Intuition.

July 14, 2008 • Celebrity Style



Lindsay Lohan’s leggings are finally out! They’re being sold exclusively at ShopIntuition.com.

We were holding our breath, but now we’re gaping at more then just those funky quilted knee pads. 

Turns out the leggings line comes at a hefty price! Can you believe her  her Mr. President leggings (the ones with the kneepads we have to admit, we sorta have a weird thing for) are $132? And those leopard ankle gloves (leopard ankle gloves?), a mere $42 a pop!

The line includes these 4 items:


Glimmer Leggings in Black/Gold, $99


Dom Leggings in Black, $123


Mr. President Leggings in Black, $132


Leopard Ankle Gloves, $42

Would you pay that much for a pair of leggings?! I think I’ll be sticking to my American Apparel. Sorry, Linds.

P.S. What does 6126, the name of Lindsay’s line and Marilyn Monroe’s birthdate have to do with a pair of leggings? This boggles the mind.

Photos: Shopintuition.com, Evilbeetgossipfilm.com
–Simona Kogan

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