Lastest Obsession. Glorious Island Mystique Sandals

July 14, 2008 • Accessories

I’m in love. Obsessed is more like it. Last week while on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard (where are there are no deals to be found) I discovered Mystique Sandals. They seemed to be everywhere. Somewhat like Jack Rogers (mine are so uncomfortable I will be selling them on eBay if interested), but with a much more varied selection. There must be at least 100 styles this season alone.

Comfortable and affordable these sandals range in price from $100- $150, so pick up a few pairs. I did! The best part? You won’t see yourself coming and going. There is a style (or two) for everyone.


Mystique Sandal Tiger Mother of Pearl  $135

Mystique Rosebud White $115


Mystique Gold Coin and Turquoise Sandals $125


Mystique 2229 Black Patent Gladiators $139


Mystique T of Flowering in White $125 


Mystique Sandal Jeweled Coin Silver $135


Mystique Bead Strap Sandals $125

Mystique Starfish Green Gold $120


Mystique 3028 Silver Baubles $150


Mystique Flower Mother of Pearl $145

For the largest selection of Mystique Sandals check out Sandal World

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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  1. Austin says:

    I love Mystique! I have a pair just like the 3028 Silver Baubles, but in black…check out on Friday, August 1…Mystique will be on sale for up to 75% off!

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