Preserve Your Valuable Clothes With Blox In-Wash Clothing Protector

July 16, 2008 • Off-Topic


I have a confession to make…I’m a bit of a ‘Messy Marvin’. I can sadly remember each and every garment I have ruined with my knack for attracting stains. I eat a meal and somehow manage to spill on myself or miss my napkin entirely. It’s a gift really. I am typically not one to praise laundry detergent…trust me (that’s too iVillage for me). However, tell me there is a product that will save my valuable wardrobe from myself and I have to try it.

Enter new Blox In-Wash Clothing Protector, the first in-wash stain blocker that safely and effectively blocks stains before they start on any washable fabric. Blox blocks organic, water and oil-based stains as well as red wine, coffee, mustard, red sauce, blood, grass and ink.

Just add 4 ounces with your fabric softner and wash and dry your clothes as usual. Easy.

Buy Blox In-Wash Clothing Protector for $9.99 per 8oz bottle or buy two, get one free for $19.99 plus free shipping!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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