Celebrity Style. The 2008 ESPY Awards

July 17, 2008 • Celebrity Style

I know it’s not fair to rip on athletes, so I won’t. I mean, they are not all fashion divas, and we are cool with that. However, we all know by this time, if there is a red carpet event, the desperately seeking attention set will show up. Oh and let’s not forget the many athletes who date models and actresses (because they can)…now they are fair game! So let the ESPY Awards fashion games begin!

Racecar driver Danica Patrick. Wow! Who knew a racecar driver could look this sexy? I’m hating the yellow shoes, but she gets props for looking this good out of a race suit!

Oh hot one David Beckham and his wife, Victoria. I have to say, she is a little disappointing. The dress and shoes are blah and take the sunglasses off for the love of God!

Adriana Lima. She dates NBA basketball player Marco Jaric and is a model. Go figure.

Alan Thicke & Tracy Scoogans. What were they doing there? Let’s start with Mr. Thicke’s awful suit (double breasted and pleated pants? Is this 1987 and someone forgot to tell me?). Oh and the square toed shoes? Puleeze. Now let’s take a look at his hot tranny mess of a date. Scary.

Brittny Gastineau, love the shoes, hate the dress.

Kate Walsh. She rocks.

Chyna. She is now listed as an ‘actress.’ Speaking of scary!

Gretchen Bleiler. Even though her dress is wrinkled, shoes match and that color does nothing for her. She is adorable for a snowboarder not in a snow suit.

Eli Manning and his wife, Whatsherface. Someone needs to tell her that her habit of wearing her clothes a size too small is just…bad. Step it up girl and maybe we will remember your name.

Skater Michelle Kwan in the same dress Lauren Conrad recently wore…better.

This picture of Kevin Garnett and his pint size guest just makes me laugh! There ought to be a law that women under 5’5" can’t date a man over 6 feet tall!

Hef let Kendra Wilkinson out of the Playboy Mansion looking like that. We’re sorry. Wait, then again, he wears a robe.

Playboy Bunny (obviously) Sara Jean Underwood. I hate this dress and shoes more than words can express. Seriously. The open toe booty in summer trend makes me want to gash my eyes out.

Sophia Bush looking amazing.

Surfer Hannah Cornett. Adorable.

NBA player Steve Nash and his wife Alejandra Amarilla Nash. I could do without his three-piece suit, but her gown is breathtaking. Kudos!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: WireImage

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