Project Runway Cont’d. What Star Would Wear This?

July 18, 2008 • Lifestyle

Continuing our coverage of Wednesday night’s season premiere of Project Runway season 5, we’re going to pose this question. What Hollywood stars would rock the looks of the first episode’s runway? Over at the MTV newsroom, they proposed the answers in pairs.

Since Stella‘s garbage-rock look was called ‘butt-ugly’ by Heidi, it would take someone unafraid of the worst-dressed list to make it work. Musicians always get away with crazy get-ups during their on-stage performances, so MTV paired the dress up with Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who has definitely worn some crazier things in her life.


Stella claims hookers, pimps, and Blondie wear her garb now, so we’re sure she’ll be happy dressing Karen O. We think it’s a match made in punk-rock heaven.

Next, the winner. Who could rock the best look of the evening, made by Kelli? A self-proclaimed ‘pretty-ugly’ marbleized print, burned up coffee filters, and gold push-pins. Maybe the fact that the closures were made of spiral notebook made us think of our school days and tie the dress to a youthful star. MTV suggested youngster actress Hayden Panettiere.


But did you notice how small-busted the model was? Hayden, young as she is, is a curvy girl. We think the short dress might look a little less scandalous on one of our free-spirited, flat-chested favorites– Kate Hudson, Selma Blair, Ashlee Tisdale, Eva Longoria-Parker.

Finally, who would brave Jerry Tam‘s losing look? With it’s rubber boots and gloves, it was called American Psycho, serial killer, bridal nurse, hospital plumber wear. So maybe when Izzie Stevens finally snaps and goes medieval on Seattle Grace Hospital, it’ll be what she wears.


And you know, Katherine Heigl is so damn pretty that she could probably make it work, as Tim Gunn would say. We were thinking Mike Rowe could maybe use this haz-mat suit on one of his Dirty Jobs.


Ha! Whose look would you pair up with a celeb? Korto‘s yellow paper dress with veggie jewels looked like a J. Lo dress to us. Dita von Teese or Katy Perry in Daniel‘s sculpted solo cup dress? We definitely see Calvin Klein-loving Eva Mendes in Terri‘s mophead halter and pencil skirt. Paris Hilton is written all-over the pink marshmallow and meringue creation of Leanne.

Well, we see who they design for after the show! Like Christian and Victoria Beckham before them, we’re sure they’ll find their muse.

– Hayley Wells


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