WTF Was She Thinking!? The Week In Bad Celeb Style.

July 18, 2008 • Celebrity Style

A week full of repeat offenders!

Miley Cyrus peforming on Good Morning America

Miley_cyrus_2 Miley_cyrus1

We hate to hate on Miley, because she is so young. But the little lady seems so lost between the country style of Nashville and the hipsters of L.A. that we have to say something! That hat with those slouchy boots, jean shorts, and plaid top? With hip-hop dancers? We’re just confused. Somebody get that girl a stylist. And a haircut. ASAP.

She Was Thinking: My best friend Leslie said that I’m just being Miley!

Lindsay Lohan at Sephora’s 10 Years of Gorgeous party


With the peep-toes, sequins, and fedora, LiLo looks like she’s headed to a 1920s themed party… buuuut she isn’t. And her mother was there, too, looking equally icky. Who lets their daughter parade around in a sack dress this short?

She Was Thinking: I don’t care how I look because I already landed a man woman.

Ashanti at Sephora’s 10 Years of Gorgeous party


Ashanti needs 10 years in Beyonce’s school of how to dress a curvy figure. With guest lecturer, Jennifer Lopez. This hair is majorly drab, too.

She Was Thinking: This print is distracting, isn’t it?

Khloe Kardashian at Matt Leinart’s celebrity bowling benefit


A shining example of what kind of body type is not flattered by high-waisted flares.

She Was Thinking: But… they’re so trendy! (That is no excuse.)

Vivica A. Fox at Matt Leinart’s celebrity bowling benefit


Hot tranny mess. The dark lipstick and kerchief-cut tank-top of the ’90s, with the skinny white jeans of now? That works about as well together as her gold bag with her bronze shoes.

She Was Thinking: I’m glad I put socks in my purse because I sure wouldn’t want to wear those bowling shoes without them!

Mischa Barton at the Hugo Boss show during Berlin Fashion Week


Just last week Mischa proved that she could look pretty and nice! But this totally erases her progress. The dress appears to be about a size too small, making the skinny starlet look bigger than she is. This studded belt aspires to be SJP’s in the SATC movie, but fails. And the color just washes her out so badly.

She Was Thinking: I’m going goth for the day!

Come on now, ladies. If you’ve been here before, we expect to see progress! Let us pick on a new round of the sense-of-style clueless, or the criticism will cease to be constructive.

Until next week…

– Hayley Wells


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