Celebrity Leggings Lament

July 21, 2008 • Magazine

Celebrity Leggings Lament

Celebrity Leggings Lament

Sun, 2008-07-20 03:00

Simona Kogan

Who knew the leggings look was more then just a passing fad? Seems the trend, first noticed in the sixties and expanded upon in the eighties when spandex came out to shine, made a reappearance about two years ago when fashionistas began wearing them in droves with belted dresses, mini skirts, and printed flats.

Celebrities indulged, pairing them with ruffles, multi-prints, and heels, proving they were more then just fitted pants for a gym workout.

Here’s a tribute to the current craze that’s sweeping the nation and bringing out the best in celebrity style stars who choose to champion the trend whether it be in their own line, a latex look, or the cotton version many of us have in our closets.

Flashdance followers beware — the look made notoriously famous in the 80s is back with a vengeance and this nylon-lycra combination is not going anywhere soon.

Mary-Kate, Lindsay, Rihanna…

Leggings have been seen on everyone from Kate Moss to Victoria Beckham in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. In one of her best looks to date, Charlize Theron recently wore a Proenza Schouler look complete with a coned corset, t-strap heels, and fitted black leggings to the MTV Movie Awards. Ashlee Simpson and Elle MacPherson have both turned this flirty femme look into a menswear style, piecing their skinny sisters with button-down shirts and key vests and fancy heels.

And many stars are repeat offenders. Rachel Bilson has been seen out in the style more then once, pairing her leggings with high boots or tight dresses. Rihanna is proud to flaunt her latex-wear everywhere from concerts to nights out on the town. And who could forget a certain Ms. Lindsay Lohan, who’s finesse for her fancy finds were so fruitful, she finagled her way to her own leggings clothing line, with pieces ranging from $90 to $132 a pop.

Lovely Looks..and Latex!

Although, we prefer leggings under long tunics or graphic shiftdresses, that hasn’t stopped stylelistas all across Europe from wearing tight spandex as pants alone. Don’t do it! Instead, be like Sienna Miller and pair a mid-calf style with ballet flats and belted tunics. Unless you’re Mischa Barton, frills and color won’t do — we prefer the simple black for major style and comfort – the look is all in the dress.

Nights out in the town can turn stylishly sexy when whipping out a latex look — popular among stylistas like Heidi Klum and Lauren Conrad. But be careful, this look can get really dangerous, don’t wear bright tops and pick the right shoes for major shine without major drama.

Do: Go slouchy with style. Adding leggings and flats to the right tunic can add major umph to a casual combination.

Don’t: Go crazy. If you’re going to wear something a little risky, like colored leggings or a little spandex — make sure the rest of the outfit is very basic and sometimes black.

Do: Try latex at night. But beware, this style must be worn the right way or the look will go awry.

Don’t: Add major embellishments. If you’re going to wear a multi-print dress, stick to basic black underneath and don’t try something funky with the shoes. Simple sandals or cute flats will always do.

The best leggings to date…

1. Extra Long Legging. Topshop. £15
2. Cotton Spandex Jersey Leggings. American Apparel. $26
3. Members Only Liquid Leggings. Revolve Clothing. $88

Celebrity Photos (top to bottom, left to right):
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Lauren Conrad Dotted.com

Image Layout: Jessica Piraro

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