Legal Matter. The Battle of Ugly Footwear

July 21, 2008 • Fashion





SCS can’t believe we are even mentioning Crocs since we feel they are such an abomination and affront to good taste. However, we find it hysterical they are battling another company to reign supreme in the ‘molded footwear’ market (kill us now!).

According to WWD, Crocs Inc. has brought a patent and trade
dress lawsuit against Skechers USA Inc. According to documents filed in
the U.S. District Court for Colorado in Denver on July 10, Skechers
footwear using "Nano Lite" foam construction mimics Crocs’ designs and
logos. Skechers responded to the allegations in a statement issued by
Philip Paccione, executive vice president and general counsel for the
Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based company. "We believe that this lawsuit is
completely without merit and will vigorously defend ourselves against
such baseless accusations," Paccione said.

Gentle reminder: Do NOT wear Crocs or Sketchers for that matter. EVER! We don’t care if you are a doctor, nurse or work on a ship. They are UGLY! Period.

OK, we feel better now!

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2 Responses to Legal Matter. The Battle of Ugly Footwear

  1. Anna says:

    I’ve never ever like Crocs. And I don’t understand how they can be so trendy!
    I don’t care if they’re comfortable!
    We sacrifice comfort for style!
    I am so glad to know I am not the only one who
    things Crocs are hideous!

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